Who We Are

Flexible StaffCARE has been the industry leader for insurance and benefits in the high-turnover market since 2003, writing more policies and covering more employees in the high-turnover, hourly wage market than any other provider. Our health insurance products have been developed over time with a focus on usability and overall value for both the employee and employer.

FSC fixed indemnity is an extremely useable healthcare perk that helps differentiate your business from the competition.

Here’s how:

  • 87% of job candidates say healthcare benefits are the most important employer provision, other than wage.

    Source: careerbuilder.com

  • 77% of workers report healthcare benefits are crucial to their job satisfaction.

    Source: Employee Benefits Research Institute

  • 69% of job seekers report they would choose to accept one job over another because of the availability of healthcare benefits.

    Source: One Medical

With an ongoing labor shortage, workers are in high demand. They’re able to be selective, looking for both competitive pay AS WELL AS healthcare benefits. But with rising deductibles and ballooning premiums, they’re looking for affordable insurance they can actually use. Flexible StaffCARE has designed healthcare plans to deliver what employees are looking for, and what employers are proud to offer.